102 East State Street
Ithaca, New York 14850
(607) 273-5880


Learn to drive with patient skilled NYS licensed instructors who have been teaching for the Big Red Bell Driving School for many years. Special attention given to: Foreign Students, Young Drivers, Senior Citizens, Road Test Preparation, Highway Driving, Nervous Drivers & Defensive Driving.

We offer private driving lessons using proven teaching methods to develop driving skills and the self confidence needed to pass the road test. During each of our driving lessons you will receive a full hour of instruction. Our lessons build on what ever driving skill you have so on the first lesson you
may start right from your home or go to a more quiet area to begin. Each lesson incorporates driving skill development,  traffic rules and regulations, safe driving habits and defensive driving. Learning to drive is a skill and does take time.


Pre-Licensing Course $35
Driving Lessons $60/Hour

*Note: We accept local checks or cash only. All payments are due at time of service.


New York State DMV Road Test Tips

New York State Drivers License & Learners Permits

AAA Traffic Safety Foundation

Local Motorcycle Safety Course

New York State DMV Road Test Scheduling

New York State Vehicle & Traffic Laws

Pre-Licensing Course
NYS Mandatory 5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course

- Offered every Tuesday & Thursday at 5:00PM Sharp!
- Bring New York State Learner's Permit
- Pre-Registration is NOT Required
- Our Classroom is Located on the Second Floor at:

102 East State Street
Ithaca, New York 14850
(West End of the Commons)

→ Cars Supplied For Road Test

→ All Cars Dual-Brake Controlled